Submitting an Event

If you’re submitting an event, here are the items you’ll need:

  • YOUR name and email address – we’ll send you a confirmation email when the event is published.
  • Event name – try to keep the event title under 45 characters.
  • The date of the event (or the start AND end date if it’s a multi-day event)
  • Where
    • Location Type
      • Physical Location – Start typing in the location name field, and a list of locations will populate. If your location is already there, just select it. If it’s not there, be sure to enter as much detail as you can, as that location will appear for later use. This information is also used to display a map.
      • URL – If your location is online, such as an online auction, or a streaming-only event, enter the URL for the event.
    • If you have a standard image for your location, you can email it to and we’ll add it to the location later.
  • Details
    • It’s recommended that you enter a web address at the top and bottom of whatever text you add, to send people to your actual event page. Be sure to make the text links by clicking the link icon in the menu bar.
    • You can enter as much or as little text as you like. Try not to add too much information. It’s better to send people to your event webpage, since you can update your event webpage, but you cannot edit submitted events.
  • Category – You can choose as many categories as you like for your event. ALWAYS choose your city to start with, to make it easier for people to view events in your city. If you have suggestions for new a new category, email with the name and reason for the new category.
  • Event Image
    • Event images can tell A LOT of the story. If you have a flyer, make sure it’s in JPG or PNG format so that it will display next to your event on the calendar.
    • Uploaded images have a MAXIMUM width of 1275px, and a MAXIMUM height of 1650px.
    • Uploaded images have a MINUMUM width of 300px, and a MINUMUM height of 300px.
    • Uploaded images have a MAXIMUM file size of 3mb.
    • Any uploaded image that doesn’t meet these requirements are rejected, and won’t allow you to submit your event.